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Epithelial invagination is a common feature of embryogenesis. An example of invagination morphogenesis occurs during development of the early eye when the lens placode forms the lens pit. This morphogenesis is accompanied by a columnar-to-conical cell shape change apical constriction or AC and is known to be dependent on the cytoskeletal protein Shroom3. In this study, we show that Rock activity is required for lens pit invagination and that RhoA activity is required for Shroom3-induced AC. We demonstrate that RhoA, when activated and targeted apically, is sufficient to induce AC and that RhoA plays a key role in Shroom3 apical localization. The development of complex structures during embryogenesis requires tightly controlled cell behaviors. For epithelial cell sheets undergoing morphogenesis, these behaviors include evagination and invagination to produce the folding that is characteristic of many structures.
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Our pectoral muscles help to both stabilize and move our shoulders. Every arm movement from lifting, reaching and throwing uses these. He drew the shirt from his body, and she was rewarded with the sight of broad, heavily tanned shoulders. Muscle shifted and rippled beneath the tight, firm flesh.
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